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Valeo Beep&park™ Car Parking Sensor System with 8x Sensors + LCD Display

Valeo beep&park™

Beep&park™ 632202 is a parking sensor system featuring 8 car parking sensors fitted to your vehicle's front and rear ends and 1 LCD display to visually alert the driver to obstacles.


Car Parking Sensors: A solution to your parking needs

Are you worried about hitting obstacles or pedestrians you can't see in your rearview mirror? The risk of collision is increased by the presence of low-lying obstacles and bollards located close to parking spaces.


Before The Valeo Beep&Park™ Parking Sensor System:

"My bumper is often scratched or dented, and it costs a small fortune to repair it. In addition, I'm concerned that fitting sensors to my bumper will have a negative impact on the appearance of my car."


After The Valeo Beep&Park™ Parking Sensor System:

"Now I can detect obstacles behind or in front of my vehicle, even those which would normally be difficult to see, thanks to my new beep & park kit. Even better, the sensors are perfectly flush with my bumper and don't affect the overall appearance of my car."


Beep&park™  is the ideal solution for parking in places that are narrow or offer poor visibility


Detection Sensors 

  • The parking sensor system features 8 front and rear ultrasonic sensors for consistent detection. The reverse parking sensor feature activates front and rear sensors as soon as the reverse gear is engaged. 
  • When the vehicle starts, the front sensors are activated for 30 seconds at the start and remain active for 8 to 20 seconds each time the brake pedal is released (depending on the chosen setting.)


The car parking sensors detect obstacles in front and behind the vehicle (other vehicles, posts, pedestrians, etc.) and alerts the driver with the PureSound alert sound.

  • The audible alert gradually intensifies. It is intermittent at first and becomes continuous when the vehicle is within 30 cm of the obstacle.
  • The parking sensor system detects obstacles between 10cm and 170cm from the vehicle.


Visual Alert

  • The distance from the obstacle and its precise position is shown on the control screen above the rearview mirror or the dashboard.
  • The distance of the obstacles is communicated to the driver by three colour-coded alert levels - green, yellow and red.
  • The parking sensor system visualises the obstacles located in both metres and inches.

A Diagnostic Function

  • The parking sensor system automatically detects defective or badly fixed car parking sensors and warns the driver.


An alert system reduces the risk of accidents

Improved road-handling and driving comfor

Avoid costly repairs by limiting impacts


Incorrect placement of the sensor within the angle ring can lead to false alarm.

Take a look at the correct Beep and Park ‘Angle Ring’ Position

Rear parking sensors and towbars

How to inform the sensor system about the installation of a tow bar? See pages 52-55 of the instruction manual.

How to correctly fit a beep&park™ sensor on the bumper?

Take a look at the ideal installation of park assist system, including placement angle and height

If your beep&park™ displays faults or works erratically...

The beep&park™ control unit may be experiencing some interference

Learn how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning parking sensor

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