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park vision
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Valeo Park Vision™ rear view camera with 4x sensors + TFT Display

Valeo park vision™ | 1 Camera + 1 TFT Display

The Park Vision™ 632211 wide-angle car rear view camera and rear parking sensor features 4 flush-mounted sensors that can be fitted to the rear of your vehicle, with a TFT display to show the surroundings behind the vehicle.


Reversing Made Easier

Park Vision™ shows obstacles or pedestrians not visible in your rearview mirror. Equipping your car with a reverse camera and sensors makes detecting obstacles becomes easier without affecting the appearance of your vehicle.


Park Vision™ is the ideal solution for parking in places that are narrow or offer poor visibility


Rear Parking Sensor

  • The system features 4 flush-mounted rear parking sensors which detect the distance of obstacles behind the vehicle


Wide-Angle Camera

  • The wide-angle reverse parking camera (View angle: H: 120°±5°V: 100°±5) offers a broad vision of the surroundings behind the vehicle
  • The car rear-view camera can be fitted on the number plate of the vehicle for an even broader vision of the area at the rear of the vehicle


Control Screen

  • A detachable colour TFT screen is installed on the dash or above the rear-view mirror.
  • The screen shows the images captured by the car rear-view camera.


Parking Assistance Lines Feature

  • Parking assistance lines on the screen guide the driver when parking
  • The screen displays the distance of obstacles in metres and inches
  • It shows three distance levels, represented by green, yellow and red parking assistance lines
  • Several configurations of the parking assistance lines are available, depending on the angle and height position of the reversing camera

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