Valeo Starters Electrical Systems for Passenger car


What is a starter?

A starter, also known as a self-starter, cranking motor or starter motor, is a device used to rotate a car’s engine in order to start the engine's operation under its own power.

Valeo: an industry leader in new starters

With its strong Original Equipment (O.E.) presence, Valeo provides a wide range of premium performance starters to the aftermarket. Valeo latest generations of starters are developed with high-quality components ensuring longevity, reliability, comfort and efficiency. More than 400 part references are available, including the latest technologies fitted as O.E. on the latest models of car.

Standard Exchange starters

In addition to its new units, Valeo has developed a complete premium Standard Exchange program for starters. The program covers almost all car starter applications and meets all car makers' requirements. With 30 years of experience in remanufacturing, Valeo can produce all starter technologies currently available on the market. Valeo’s in-depth knowledge of O.E. specifications ensure a perfectly mastered assembly, and all Valeo remanufactured starters are 100% asbestos free.


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