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The future is bright: how Valeo Service is reimagining car lighting

The future is bright: how Valeo Service is reimagining car lighting
Valeo is an Original Equipment and Aftermarket supplier of automotive lighting systems, we’ve been providing headlamps, tail lights and other auxiliary lighting to the industry for decades. But did you know that Valeo is also a major innovator in lighting systems? Read on to discover how Valeo is changing the face of car lighting… Trust the Lighting Systems Specialist.


The future of automotive lighting starts here


Car lights that create pedestrian crossings on the road, or that warn drivers of obstacles, upcoming turns and changes in the speed limit… thanks to Valeo, car lighting will soon do much more than just light up the road.


With 24 research & development centres and 31 production sites scattered throughout the world, Valeo is a game changer in car lighting innovation. We are constantly striving to provide the best lighting solutions.



Anti-glare headlights have arrived 


In addition to the innovations mentioned above, Valeo is proud to announce the arrival of Matrix Beam headlights. These latest generation headlights allow drivers to leave their high beams on without dazzling oncoming drivers, providing maximum visibility in all conditions.


This breakthrough is achieved by the use of advanced LED lights and a camera in the lighting system that detects oncoming cars and automatically reduces the light shining toward them, while keeping the rest of the road and surrounding area brightly illuminated.


See the Matrix Beam in action:



Discover Valeo’s 2018 lighting catalogue, out now! 


Valeo is showcasing innovations that leverage its automotive expertise.

As well as a lighting innovator, Valeo is also the world leader in car lighting systems, providing the aftermarket with a large portfolio of innovative products and services, with extended technical assistance of headlamps, rear lamps, auxiliary lamps and bulbs, workshop tools and technical support.


For a complete overview of Valeo lighting systems expertise  see our dedicated lighting web page, and for the latest list of available part numbers see our new 2018 lighting catalogue. With over 1,800 references you can be sure to find the part you require!


Valeo is one of the leaders in the global lighting market, designing products and solutions for all the main car manufacturers, guaranteeing strict fulfilment of the most stringent O.E. standards