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With a significant range extension of its DMF dual offer, Valeo now offers a competitive dual offer of more than 110 Valeo FullPACK DMF™ (Original Dual Mass Flywheel and Clutch Kit), 250 Dual Mass Flywheels and 180 Valeo Kit4P™ (Rigid Flywheel Conversion Kits) covering around 70% of the European Car Park equipped with DMF. Valeo thus confirms its position of Dual Mass Flywheel specialist on the market, offering a solution for each customer need.


An innovative and genuine Dual Mass Flywheel range

78 new Dual Mass Flywheel references coming from years of O.E. expertise

As a major player in Original Equipment (O.E.) since more than 95 years on transmission systems, Valeo has released, in 2018, 40 new Valeo FullPACK DMFTM and 38 new Dual Mass Flywheels produced in its' O.E. plants in Italy, Spain and Korea, increasing European car park coverage by more than 12 points. These include applications for the most popular European vehicles such as Audi A3 and A4, Peugeot 308 and 3008, Renault Clio and Mégane, Volkswagen Golf and Passat. Relying on top of the art R&D and production capabilities coming from years of O.E. expertise, Valeo offers a high quality and competitive solution for workshops and distributors worldwide with a valuable offer of 360 references.

Valeo VBladeTM DMF, the latest in-house exclusive innovation on the DMF market

Exclusive technology developed by Valeo to replace the traditional technology of Dual Mass Flywheel on selected vehicles, the Valeo VBladeTM DMF patented technology has been introduced to the market in March 2018. This technology leverages the centrifugal force of two blades instead of the regular DMF springs, making the Valeo VBlade the most durable of the Valeo DMF range whislt maintaining an efficient absorption of engine acyclisms. The first part numbers of Valeo VBladeTM DMF are already available for Volkswagen LT 28-35, LT 28-46 applications.




Valeo Kit4PTM, the smart solution for comfort and durability

Smart alternative to the Dual Mass Flywheel technology, produced since more than 15 years in Valeo O.E. plants in Spain, Turkey and Korea, the Valeo Kit4PTM conversion kit is a competitive solution dedicated to vehicles with a more intensive usage. Replacing the Dual Mass Flywheel by a Rigid Flywheel and a Valeo Long Travel Damper disc technology, this Valeo innovation guarantees an efficient absorption of engine acyclism and ensures the protection of the transmission through its' efficient dampening system located in the disc instead of the Flywheel.


Valeo Long Travel Damper Technology

The Valeo Kit4PTM also ensures an increased durability of the clutch system. First, it allows a reduction of the heat exchange between the Flywheel and the clutch disc (50˚C less in average versus the Dual Mass Flywheel technology) avoiding a premature wear of the friction material. This makes it the perfect solution for Stop Start engines which generate a significant heat exchange due to increased starting sequences of the engine.

Second, when equipped with Valeo High Efficiency Clutch technology, the Valeo Kit4PTM will benefit from the long lasting friction material and the reinforced pressure plate to offer a stable driving comfort over time. Last, the Rigid Flywheel component of the Valeo Kit4PTM is guaranteed 1 million kilometers and never needs to be replaced once a Valeo Kit4PTM has been equipped on a vehicle.


Valeo Kit4PTM 1 Million km guaranteed Flywheel

As tested on Seat Ibiza 1.9TDI 77kW applications by Applus+ IDIADA and certified in report LM1804035/07 of May 2018, the Valeo Kit4PTM performance in terms of fuel consumption is equivalent to the Dual Mass Flywheel technology. Indeed the main factor for fuel consumption is the weight and the inertia and these are in average identical for Dual Mass Flywheels and Valeo Kit4PTM fitting on the same vehicles.

Recognition of the high quality of the Valeo Kit4PTM technology, the Long Travel Damper has been equipping vehicles in O.E. since 1994 and this solution has also been used in O.E. as a replacement of Dual Mass Flywheel technology on vehicles with premature failure of the clutch system.

The DMF dual offer Valeo FullPackDMFTM and Valeo Kit4PTM offers an adapted solution to the needs of each driver allowing workshops and distributors to succeed on the Dual Mass Flywheel market.

Trust Valeo, the Dual Mass Flywheel segment Specialist!


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