Valeo Thermoswitchs  Cooling & Air Management  for Passenger car


What is a thermoswitch?

Thermoswitches activate several components in a car’s cooling system including the electric blower, which forces air through the radiator and helps reduce cooling fluid temperature. Thermoswitches can also activate warning lamps and alarms, alerting drivers to possible overheating in the cooling system.

Trust Valeo thermoswitches

As an Original Equipment (O.E.) specialist, the Valeo thermoswitch range provides engine and heat exchanger protection in extreme temperature conditions. And with over 110 part numbers, Valeo’s range covers a significant part of the European car market. Benefits of the Valeo thermoswitch range include:

  • O.E. quality
  • Respect for original design
  • Valeo technical expertise

Valeo tip:

The thermoswitch must always be replaced after radiator replacement.

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