Valeo Intercoolers Cooling & Air Management for Passenger car


What is an intercooler?

An intercooler, or Charge Air Cooler, is a device that cools air intake on engines fitted with turbochargers. Over 80 million vehicles in Europe are equipped with intercoolers.

How does an intercooler work?

As turbochargers increase power and torque they also increase the air temperature sent to the engine. The intercooler’s task is to reduce the temperature of this air, optimising combustion and increasing power.

Valeo: expertise in thermal systems

With its Original Equipment (O.E.) expertise, Valeo is able to offer an extensive aftermarket intercooler range. Benefits include:

  • O.E. quality testing
  • Specially designed tubes and turbulators for optimum performance
  • High resistance materials for structural integrity and corrosion resistance
  • Gripping area for high pressure hose connection
  • Flexible side plates to allow for expansion in high temperatures
  • Reinforced ribs to resist high working pressure
  • Wide range: 175 part numbers, covering most European vehicles
  • Reactivity: high capacity to quickly supply the aftermarket
  • Smart packaging to minimise the risk of transport damage

Valeo Tip

  • Possible causes of intercooler failure include:
  • High operating temperatures and pressures
  • Vibration
  • Internal or external corrosion
  • Incorrect lubricant oil replacement
  • Overly tight connections
  • Incorrect check or cleaning of the air intake manifold

The intercooler must also be replaced after turbocharger failure or when installing a new turbo unit.

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