Valeo Radiators Cooling & Air Management for Passenger car


What does a radiator do?

The cooling radiator is the most important component of a car’s coolant module. Its main function is to redistribute heat from the engine. When hot coolant moves into the radiator, the heat in the fluid escapes through the radiator's walls. Once the fluid is sufficiently cooled it can then flow back to the engine.

Valeo: radiator specialists

Valeo is a thermal systems Original Equipment (O.E.) supplier, and Valeo brings that significant industry experience to the aftermarket with three complete radiator ranges:

  • Valeo Premium range for those wanting to maintain value and quality
  • Valeo Classic range for cars over 10 years old
  • Valeo Asian range, the premium range for Japanese and Korean cars

10 reasons to choose Valeo radiators:

  • O.E. quality control and performance testing
  • A huge range of over 1500 references covering 90% of the European market
  • Respect for original designs
  • Rapid aftermarket availability for the latest model vehicles
  • Reduced fuel consumption, NOx and CO2 emissions
  • Applicable to ICE, Hybrid and Electric vehicles
  • User-friendly packaging
  • A complete range of accessories
  • Easy to fit with installation kits included with some radiators
  • Easy identification with the traceability label

Valeo tip

Radiator fluid must be frequently checked and adjusted to prevent the radiator overheating and cracking. And don’t forget the radiator cap - it helps keep the system clean and maintains correct system pressure.


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