Valeo Cooling modules Cooling & Air Management for Passenger car

Cooling modules

What is a cooling module?

Cooling modules, or car cooling systems, are comprised of multiple engine cooling components as well as the air conditioning condenser. The cooling module is responsible for cooling the engine, the automatic transmission oil, the engine oil and the condenser.

Valeo: Original Equipment expertise you can rely on

With strong experience in Original Equipment (O.E.) Engine Management Systems product development, Valeo is able to offer one of the best technological O.E. matching solutions for the aftermarket.

Two cooling modules are available:

  • A module comprising of a radiator, condenser and fan system
  • A module with a radiator and condenser.

4 reasons to choose Valeo cooling modules:

  • Wide coverage and continuously growing range
  • O.E. quality products
  • Rigorous testing in accordance with car manufacturer standards
  • Simple integration with other Valeo products in the Cooling Management Loop

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