Valeo Water Temperature Sensors Cooling & Air Management for Passenger car

Water Temperature Sensors

What does a water temperature sensor do?

The water temperature sensor, or car temperature sensor, measures a car’s coolant temperature and sends this information to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). It enables the ECU to identify engine overheating or an unusual rise in temperature. Depending on the car, it is usually installed next to the thermostat or inside it. There are two temperature sensors in some vehicles, one to send information from the engine system to the ECU and another from the ECU to the dashboard.

Valeo: engine cooling know-how

As a respected Original Equipment (O.E.) supplier, Valeo brings this expertise to all facets of engine cooling including water temperature sensors. With a 48 part range, Valeo has car temperature sensor solutions to satisfy the majority of the European car market.

Valeo Tip:

Possible symptoms of a damaged coolant temperature sensor include:

  • fuel consumption increase
  • black exhaust smoke
  • frequent overheating

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