Valeo Fan Motor Cooling & Air Management for Passenger car

Fan Motor

What is a fan motor?

The fan motor is in integral part of a car’s engine fan system together with the cooling fan and the fan support. The fan motor powers the cooling fan which in turn moves air through the radiator, supporting the engine’s temperature management. The engine fan system is normally located at the front of the vehicle, either in front of or behind the radiator.

Valeo: fan motor solutions

Valeo is a renowned Original Equipment (O.E.) supplier of engine cooling systems and that O.E. expertise is evident in the Valeo range of cooling parts for the aftermarket. Whether it is a complete fan system or a specific part like an individual fan motor, Valeo is your ideal engine cooling partner.

5 reasons to choose a Valeo fan motor:

  • Significant O.E. experience working with major car makers
  • A huge range that is always growing
  • Aftermarket solutions for the latest model vehicles
  • Quality materials that are resistant to high temperatures and vibration
  • Simple part identification through traceability labels and user-friendly packaging

Valeo Tip

Symptoms of fan motor and fan system problems include vibration, engine noise, engine overheating and air-conditioning malfunction. Also, you should generally replace the complete engine fan system after a crash.

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