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Valeo Dual mass flywheel technology perfectly filters out engine torsion vibrations and improves shifting comfort in addition to noise reduction for the best vehicle efficiency and driver comfort. Every second car which rolls off the assembly line is fitted with a DMF - this equipment rate is continuously increasing. The dual mass flywheel helps filter out dynamic vibrations between the engine and the gearbox. Thanks to two independent flywheels connected via a bearing or bushing, including a damper system, DMF proofs the sensitive gearbox and rest of vehicles against the engine explosions’ vibrations, thus improving driving comfort.

Valeo proposes innovative solutions:

  • Curved-spring
  • Inner damper
  • LTD
  • Pendulum.

This advance is especially important as the fuel-saving engines now being developed have higher torque and, consequently, generate greater vibrations, particularly at low speeds. The LTD DMF absorbs torque vibrations generated by the engine to the transmission, thereby increasing the comfort of the vehicle's occupants. Two compact filtration devices give the DMF the qualities required to become an essential component in tomorrow's conventional high-performance engines as well as for hybrid powertrains, which have the strictest installation constraints.

In addition to the known dual mass flywheel technology, the LTD DMF integrates a long travel damper developed by Valeo for torque converters in automatic transmissions. This combination allows it to provide optimal filtration, especially during the startup, thanks to a maximum angular displacement of 80°, as well as an exceptional performance level in all engine regimes. Valeo’s long travel damper dual mass flywheel offers comfort levels which had never been achieved previously on the most fuel-efficient engines.

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