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Remanufactured parts (Heavy Duty)

Heavy Duty

In addition to its new units benefiting from it’s O.E. expertise, Valeo has developed a complete premium Standard Exchange offer for Heavy Duty clutch kits (, especially the large diameter over 330mm).

Reman Heavy Duty clutch kits are assembled on the OE production line.

After collection all the cores are sorted, dismantled and cleaned, and, before re assembling in the production line, the components are tested on benches. The test benches and the production are the same ones that Valeo uses for the validation of the production of the clutch kits supplied as OE.

  • Complete dismantle of cores change of all damaged and wear components
  • Remanufactured with same material as OE parts & Assembled on same line as OE parts
  • Functional and dimensional characteristics equivalent to OE products
  • Industrialized process from sorting and part checking to end of line testing
  • 25% cheaper than New equivalent, with core return (in average)
  • ISO TS 16949 Factory plant (Prerequisite for OE manufacturters)
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