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Remanufactured Torque Converters


In addition to its new units benefiting from it’s O.E. expertise, Valeo has developed a premium Standard Exchange solution for Torque Converter. Torque converters are remanufactured in Nanjing, China, directly on the O.E. production lines.

Valeo ensures high quality remanufacturing, in the total respect of O.E. standards throughout the whole process.

The “Standard Exchange” range provide an economical solution whatever the vehicle to repair and it gives our customers the possibility to assemble reman Torque Converters with their reman gear boxes.

The specific remanufacturing process for Torque Converters allow Valeo to deliver products gathering the best standards in terms of quality:

  • High quality remanufacturing process, in the total respect of O.E. standards.
  • Combined OEM & Remanufacturing Know-how.
  • CO2 emission reduction & raw material saving.
  • Dedicated R&D and production facilities.
  • Quality checks during remanufacturing process + 100% Functional test.
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