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Mechanic and Hydraulic actuator


Along new car manufacturers’ requirements, it has become difficult to fit a cable in a straight line between the pedal and the lever. That’s why more and more cars are now using hydraulics systems. These are much more flexible and reliable compared to cable systems. First, they enable an optimal and constant pedal effort. Second, the used material is much lighter (up to 70% reduction of weight compared to the standard clutch system command) as well as much more compact. This is the main reason why this technology is easier to implement on OE projects.

Valeo proposes a wide range of hydraulic parts to its OE customers and their aftermarket needs: clutch master cylinder (CMC), clutch release cylinder(CRC) and clutch slave cylinder (CSC). Both the clutch master cylinder and the clutch release cylinder are used in “semi-hydraulic” system, whereas “full hydraulic” system uses the CMC and the CSC. The “semi-hydraulic” system consists of a transmitter (the C.M.C.), a hose and a receiver.

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