Valeo Compressors Air conditioning for Passenger car


New and remanufactured

The compressor is the driving element of the cold air conditioning loop, and it’s also the most technologically complex. Valeo offers a full range of new compressors with different technologies to meet a wide range of customer requirements, while also offering an industry-leading remanufacturing process. 

Wide range of new compressors

Whether it is piston or rotary, with more than 440 part numbers Valeo has a new compressor to suit your requirements.

Valeo compressors feature high-quality components, including valves, bearings, pistons, swash plates and clutches, guaranteeing reliability and enhanced performance. Noise and vibration are also reduced for greater driver comfort.

Valeo remanufactured compressors

As the compressor is among the most expensive components of the A/C loop, Valeo has also developed a cost-effective solution: a remanufactured (reman) compressor. Valeo is an industry leader in the reman process.

Once the cores are collected and sorted, they are disassembled and washed. The sub-components are then remanufactured with more than 45 check points (visual, electric and functional), all wear parts are replaced with new components (O-rings, seals, bearing), and each unit is fully tested.

Valeo Tip

The compressor must be replaced after a crash, breakdown or leak. When replacing the compressor, a check and flush of the A/C loop and a change of the receiver drier and expansion valve is required.


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