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Car air conditioning

Valeo, your reliable AC partner 

A world leader in aftermarket air conditioning parts, Valeo is committed to providing a wide range of quality solutions for air conditioning professionals.


More than climate control

As auto air conditioning has become more and more common, motorists have become increasingly aware that their air conditioning system can do more than just cool and warm their cars – it can also act as an air filter that cleans the air entering the cabin, while also helping in the fight against external pollution.


Valeo’s commitment

To meet these new consumer expectations, Valeo Service is committed to offering products that:

  • are efficient: based on Valeo’s original equipment expertise
  • promote well-being: ensuring the health and comfort of those inside the car
  • are responsible: reducing consumption and global CO2 emissions.

This commitment ensures that, with Valeo, you can provide your customers not only with quality air conditioning parts and service, but also with the protection that they and the planet deserve.


A range of solutions for you

Discover our wide range of car air conditioning parts, including additional heater cores (CTP), compressors, cabin air filters, a range of refill stations and many more.


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